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11:45 AM

Assalamu'alaikum dear friend ^^

Last saturday, one of my best friend, Nalia Rifika, hold a wedding reception. After 8 years relationship (subhanallah), Fika & Delon decided to get married on December 11th 2010. The reception was hold twice, with Aceh tradition on December 11th 2010 then Padang tradition in the next day. Fika.. you are strong woman (literally), you wore suntiang twice, salute :) 

You looks so gorgeous,Fika!!

She shared her story about wedding preparation in a blog, The Journey of DnF Wedding. If you read all of her posts, you'll feel that the one whose getting married is you, hehehe. She explained the wedding preparation comprehensively. I think her blog should be an insprirational source for muslimah wedding.

Since Fika's favorite color is purple (same with me, toss fik!), so almost of us wore purple outfit intentionally. Oh ya, I want to share you about Hijab Outfit for Wedding in the next post, insya allah. 

Thita, Rommy, Kara, Me, and Fitri

And the last, best wishes for a lovely couple, happy wedding!

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