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Each day is a new life. Seize it. Live it.
(David Guy Powers)

Life is unpredictable. I graduated from university, then applied to many companies. For almost a year, I joined at multinational beverage company at supply chain department. I love the company so much!!! Its American culture, well-developed system at any process, nice people, environment, also my job.

Then, I decided to resign in order to develop my line. Those time was really hard yet the happiest phase of my life. Why? It was hard because actually my parent didn't support me, they forced me to apply another job than being an entrepreneur. I realized that I hadn't discussed with them earlier. I felt when my mom sad; she insisted me to get a job; she was talking job application in here and there. Woosaaahh... I depressed. I'm not kind a person who can tell anything to my parent, nor my best friend.

And... here's the best part. I follow them, I try to make them happy, this is my main responsibility as a daughter. When I tried to apply, one of oil & gas company from France called me. I ever applied on 2009 (failed) and they called me again on 2011, without any circumtances, when I need a job. I was interviewed twice and viola! I got a new job. The point that I want to share with you all is, just follow your parent's hope, they want the best for you and let Allah lead your way. Allah always give His grace at a right time.

My precious fam
 *Note :
Now I can manage my time between my 'office' job also develop my line. I can achieve both of them, achieve my passion + making my parent proud. Just seize it and live it :) BISMILLAH.

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