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Excited! That was my feeling when me & my friends planned to look up my campus. Am craving for some improvement that has been made there. Spotted at front gate (near with BNI ATM), there is a bike shelter. Oh ya, not only one shelter, but there two more: near GKU Timur and GSG. The bike it self is for free, you can use it as long as you ride it in ITB area. Too bad, I couldn't ride it, it was Saturday. Salute for ITB '88! :) Now, am questioning my self, what's my contribution for my almamater?  What have you been done?

It was rainy back then when I captured those pictures. Don't you love seeing those beautiful flowers? Even there's cherry blossom tree at my faculty. 

What a beautiful saturday. *sesuatu banget :))

ps: photos taken using Lumix GF3 with 14-42 mm lens.

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