HC Goes to Singapore

8:01 AM

Just wondering, what is your favorite items from Wardah? For me, here are my top 6 favorite items from Wardah :
  1. Two way cake 01 Light Beige
  2. Eyeliner Pencil White
  3. Exclusive Lipstick 33 (Peach Brown)
  4. Exclusive Lipstick 40 (Diva)
  5. Matte Lipstick 06 (Dark Red)
  6. Wonder Shine Lip Gloss 02 (Creamy Brown)

I use Wardah for my daily activity (in the office / outdoor activities), the make up is really light, even for my sensitive skin.

By the waaayyy, Happy New yeaaaaar 2012 dear bloggers :) Wish you all get happiness and success in 2012, amin.

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