Long Live Vintage!

7:59 PM

Outfit : Creme Blazer + Tribal Tops (Forever 21), Eye Glasses (Marc Jacobs),  Inner Hijab (Ria Miranda)

Halo sweetie pie, I'm curious with all of you. Therefore, I'm thinking of making this post (regularly, insya allah), so your feedback is much appreciated. Here's how it works : I ask you a question, then you give me the answer. As easy as 1 2 3 :) 

My question for you :

What is your favorite style when you are going to Office?

My answer : I love vintage style when I am going to Office. Blazer-Pattern Tops-Simple Pump Shoes - and Watch are must have items. Not to forget Over Sized bag to accommodate my files & things. For my opinion, don't catch the attention in meeting by wearing too much accessories and colors, just be simple + formal. Sometime, a well-fashionable outfit in Office will boost up your mood then it'll increase your productivity. 

*For your reference about Muslimah outfit to office, you can explore many styles in Hijab Style by Hijabers Community book. Now it's available in book stores / online via here.

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