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Last April, I went to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. I just have time to share now =)

Why Go?
For years Lombok has been touted as Indonesia's next hot destination. Finally the reality seems to have caught up with the hype, and with a International airport, Lombok International Airport and renewed interest from around the globe, Lombok is the new Bali. Breathtaking turquoise bays, white-sand beaches, world-class surf breaks and oh yaa.. mighty Gunung Rinjani, Indonesia's second-highest volcano.

Where to Go?
Only had 3 days/2 nights at Lombok. So here some recommendation where to go in Lombok:

Route Day 1 - Mataram City & South Lombok Tour

1. Dua EM Bersaudara
Having first flight in the morning, made us hungry. So, we went to Dua EM Bersaudara Restaurant. I admitted that it has the most delicious Ayam Taliwang and Sambal Terong Bakar in town. It is located at Jl. Transmigran 99 Mataram, telp no. (0370) 622914.

2. Mayura Water Palace (Jl. Selaparang, Cakranegara, East Lombok)
First time what I remembered about this place is the tour guide, he was so nice and polite. He said the word "Mayura" is derived from Sanskrit word, it means peacock. It seems, in the reign Raja Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem, a lot of snakes roam in the park so that they disrupt the activities of the royal palace. Then, Raja Anak Agung initiated to ask for the help from Pakistan friend to drive out the snakes. Apparently, people are using the peacock in Pakistan to expel the snakes.

The complex contains a large artificial lake, with a modest replica of a bale kambang (floating pavilion) in its centre, connected to the shoreline by a raised footpath. The original pavilion was a court of justice.

Mayura Water Palace - Istana Air Mayura (Mataram, East Lombok)

Mayura Water Palace - Istana Air Mayura (Mataram, East Lombok)

3. Kuta
Imagine a crescent bay - turquoise in the shallows and sparkling blue water. It licks a huge, white-sand beach, wide as a football pitch and framed by headlands. My activity was just beach hoping, honestly I wasn't comfortable because beach vendors are often pushing too hard on selling, this is hassling.

Kuta  (South Lombok)

Route Day 2 - Gili Islands & Senggigi

The Gilis are a vision of paradise. These islets have exploded in popularity and are booming like nowhere else in Indonesia. Each island has its own special character. Trawangan is by far the most cosmopolitan, its bar and party scene vibrant, its accommodation and restaurants close to definitive tropical chic. Gili Air has the strongest local character, a mellow atmosphere and a lovely Rinjani-facing coastline. Meno is simply tranquility on earth. But all have one thing in common: they incredibly hard to leave. (Lonely Planet)

Gili Trawangan
From the air - Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air

The cheapest route to Gilis Island from Lombok is by boat from Bangsal (only Rp.10.000/person). Catch a Cidomo to Bangsal from where you parked your car. The boat Not bad at all, but you have to compete with some boxes, water supply, bir, etc that will be distributed also from Lombok to Gilis, all in your boat. If you want a nice transportation one, you can go from Senggigi. There's a daily Parama shuttle bus-boat connection (Rp.100.000/person).

There's no motorised transport on the Gilis, no car, no motorcycle. What did I do in Gili Trawangan? Island hoping, walking, and biking. Bicycles are available for hire (Rp. 30.000/3 hours) are an excellent way to get around. You can circumnavigate in 1.5 hours on a bike, though the sandy trails are tough going in places.

Senggigi (East Lombok)

After had biking in Gili Trawangan, we went to Senggigi beach, hoping for a sunset. Too bad, the weather is not good and probably was going to rain :(. It is said that the setting sun creates a blood-red vision of the orient, as a tumbling ball of fire sinks into ocean next to the giant triangular cone of Bali's Gunung Agung.

Route Day 3 - Cooling down at Hotel

We stayed at Lombok Garden Hotel. It is located in the heart of Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara. Lombok Garden Hotel in one of recommended place to stay. But if you want to enjoy the beach, this hotel is too far from the tourism objects such as Senggigi and Gilis islands, in my opinion.

So, this is my story about my traveling journey to Lombok =) I wish it will give you reference when you visit Lombok.

Have a great day, xoxo.

* Reference : Lonely Planet : Bali & Lombok
* All pictures are taken by Lumix gf-3, not allowed to copy & paste.

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