Blue and Stripe please..

8:17 AM

Halo My Blog, halo my friends.. It was hard to update my blog since I was too lazy,hihihi.. Okay, here are some quick news from me :
  1. I met a creative blogger, Tiananda at fX. Unfortunately we had only few minutes for chit&chat due to her busyness selling maternity & nursing clothes, and also we didn't take any pictures :(
  2. I have project with my beloved friend, Ima Demiliana, who experts at fashion design. Just wait and see, It will fulfill your taste of muslimah fashionista :D
  3. I cooked Macaroni Kukus this morning. My brother said "It is soo damn not good!". How dare you my bro, but I thought it was not delicious too, huahaha. This is trial, next time must better.
  4. I feel so fatty, I need exercise and diet. Please anyone give me suggestion what or how best practise to reduce my weight..
  5. And the last, I have serious problem with my boy friend.. I don't know how is our future relationship, let the time answer this problem, just really hope the best for both of us.
Dark Blue Paris Hijab, Stripe (Ciao Bella), Denim (Unbranded), Red Belt (Color Box), Jeans (Mango), Beige Heels (evb), Satchel Bag (Zara), Watch (Swatch)

Have a nice long weekend my friends :) I'll go to Puncak tomorrow, have fun!!

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