What Perfume Do You Like Most?

8:48 AM

I love fragrance, I collected perfumes. I use each perfume according to which occasion I attend.

  1. Tommy Girl Summer : This used to my perfume while I was at Senior High School. The scent of summer, really fresh, and last for a day.
  2. Flower By Kenzo : I define the scent of this perfume as a warm, kind and maturity. I used it when I was at college. But now, I wear it for family gathering only.
  3. Davidoff Cool Water : My favorite perfume. Fresh, energetic & intelligent. A must have perfume. I wear it for working, I felt so confident when I used it (*lebay mode on).
  4. Body Shop Moon Flower : My boy friend's favorite perfume. He liked to smell this perfume, and suggested me to use it. But I bored to use this perfume, hehe.
  5. Sheer Freesia Bath & Body Works : Fresh and flowery, a scent for holiday. I wear it for traveling due to it's plastic bottle (no worry of breakage).
  6. Dior Addict 2 : Girly, cute, and romantic. A gift from my father. This used to my perfume while I was at College. Now I seldom yo use it.

So gals, what perfume do you use for everyday? Tell me the scent of it.
I wonder to buy a new one between Chanel No.5 and Bvlgari Rose, any suggestion which one better?

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