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I had a great weekend, alhamdulillah! I evaluated my behavior and I got an excitement, no la la la aka lazy anymore, so many things to catch up Wulan!!. Also, i think I must move on (*yap for so-long-problem that haven't been solved yet).

For you guys, I learned something that I didn't noticed before. You must read Gogirl! May Edition (Katty Perry as a Cover). There are plenty of marveolus articles about happiness. Here's a quote that I like most :
Being happy is to follow your heart, passion, desire, hope, hobby, whatever we like. Those things keep us alive because we always try to reach it and will never stop until we get there.
*June edition is waiting to be read :)

picture from here

Anyway, yesterday I watched King of Persia : The Sand of Time with my brother. I love the ending of this movie, really sweet ending movie. I recommend you to watch because Jake Gyllenhall so damn HOT,hehehe. Also it had a great storyline behind it. It is about Dastan (Jake Gyllenhall), sacred city of Alamut, and Mythical Dagger of Time (read the synopsis here).

Purple hijab, White Floral Dress (Ciao Bella), Denim Jacket, Jeans (Gaudi), Beige Heels (evb), Purple Bag (Hana Collection)

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