The Wedding

8:37 AM

Dear all my beloved friends,

I just wanted to thank you again for your incredible kindness on my previous post. I just wanted to let you know again how much I appreciate your support while I was feeling sad. Your kind and motivated word really made a difference for my self, I feel happier than before. Thank you bloggers :)

I'm back from my gloomy phase, hehehe.
Last Sunday, my junior high school mate married. Her wedding was an Islamic way which is there was a separation (hijab) between the bride and bridegroom. I didn't take many pictures of me since I felt ugly and fat :D So, enjoy my best friends pictures ^^

Me, Kak Fini, Widda, Tenri

Rata Tengah

After wedding, we went to Mal Kelapa Gading to watch movie, but it was totally crowded and there were long queued at ticket box so we decided to eat some pasta & waffle at Pancious. Oh yaa, Thank you Puput Utami, that recently noticed as my junior at high school, for giving me this cute award, thank you baby :)

I wonder we can do some meet up sometime, is it a great idea? :))

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