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6:28 AM

Halo Friends! Have you came to Brightspot? Yesterday I went to Plaza Indonesia EX level 4 to see how and what Brightspot market is, yaa this is my first time to look Brightspot. I felt curious about it and decided to go with my brother and his girl friend.

Overall, I love this market, this is a place for creative people especially in fashion industry to present their masterpiece. Many fashion item such as tops, dresses, bags, jewelry, jeans, etc that beyond the usual. Unfortunately, I left my pocket camera at my car so I didn't take any picture. So here some pictures that I took from Brightspot website.

I just bought Grey Maxi Dress from Nikicio and Neptune Knee Length Dress from Cotton Ink. Oh ya, after we visited Brightspot, we went to Radio Dalem for dinner at Holycow (near from Alfa Midi and Dimsum Festival). Mmm.. I recommend you Wagyu Sirloin Steak, and Wagyu Rib Eye, delicious..

What I wore :
Little Black Lacey Dress (Ciao Bella), Drapery Grey Cardigan, Brown Belt (Elizabeth), Mom's Bag, Solany Creme Shoes.

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