Small steps, Bismillah

7:55 AM

Hey, salam for everyone! What did you do on your weekend? I spent a night in Bandung continuing my small business with my beloved friend, Ima. Nana accompanied me from Jakarta, thank you Na!

Day 1
Lunch at Nanny's Pavilion. The restaurant is located at Jl. Riau, near from Taman Pramuka. I just love the decoration of the restaurant. In my opinion, the taste of their pancakes and pastas were standard.

Ima and Nana
Me and AdamFetucini Carbonara and Cheese Mushroom Pancake
My outfit on the 1st day * Flowery Dress : Ciao bella * Grey Cardigan and tight : Unbranded * Mom's bag * Red Birkenstock Sandal

Some of the patterns from our project, flower domination :)

Day 2
We went to Tangkuban Perahu. Wow, you know what, although I lived in Bandung for 4 years, I never go to this place. Hehehe, I was too busy to go here, many assignments, tasks, final tests that loaded to me *alasan :D

Subhanallah, what a beautiful scenery at Tangkuban Perahu

We shouldn't wear flat shoes because the track is totally rocky, poor you my Wondershoe :'(
The combination of 2 difference style, can't wait the launching of our fashion project! Wish us luck guys..
My outfit on the 2nd day * Absract Tee : i forget the brand's name *Tight : Gogirl Magz *Cream Cardigan : Zara *Mom's bag *Black Belt : Elizabeth *Brown Flat Shoes : Wondershoe

Sneak peak from the project :
It will gonna be a summer edition - floral - earth tone - denim - sailor. Can't waiiit...

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