I love sunday

8:23 AM

Meet my friends at MOI, we did karaoke at Lollipop, then watched Legion at La Piazza. I just knew that there is karaoke place in MOI, I thought there were only NAV, Inul Vista, and Happy Puppy near by Boulevard street. The room was good, the price was cheap enought (50000 IDR for 2 hours), but...lack of new songs, they should add more, hehehe.

Daly, Tyas, Hanifah and Me

After had karaoke, we watched Legion movie. It was about angel Michael, God, angel Gabriel, baby born whom could save human nature, and zombie. Actually I didn't understand the movie, but after I read the synopsis just a minute ago, now I can figure it out. Hehehe,how stupid me.

Ahh..why sunday leave so fast? I need more holiday :)

Today style of mine

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