Liverpool VS Stoke City

5:22 AM

Since I was too tired to watch midnight match, so yesterday was the right time (Kick Off : 19.45 pm) for me to watch Liverpool VS Stoke City. Me, my big & little brother, cousins, Anggi and Big reds watched together (nonbar) in Aphrodite Club Rasuna, Kuningan.

During the game, I honestly said that The Kop wasn't in good performance, maybe because the injury crisis that happened to them. But Pepe Reina and Sotirios Kyrgiakos played best, Reina could handled the force and Kyrgiakos made 1 goal. After winning for 89 minutes, Robert Huth from Stoke fired a goal, my oh my.... I thought we would win this game, but the result was draw. I knew that players working very hard and they were fantastic. So I always appreciate and support the team, no matter the result was. YNWA.

Here some pictures that I took, cheers!

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