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5:37 AM

How it was? How did you feel about your first day? I confidently said, I was felt excited and motivated. Okay I'll summarize my activities at my first day job.

Monday, January 4th 2010

  1. Administration to fulfill required documents, such as educational sertificate, CV, identity card, driving license, passport,etc.
  2. Then, Mr. Geby, the motivator, explained why we was here, why there is Graduate Trainee Program, and motivated us to be successful graduate trainee program. We have to be initiative (respond quickly, take independent action, and goes above and beyond), continues learning (targets learning needs, seek learning activity, and maximize learning), and formal presentation.
  3. For 12 month journey, they've planned program framework that will be given to us. There are induction, fundamental leadership, business skill development, functional development and OJT, business impact project, and performance review. There will be termination process if we reached the lower standard (I wish I could pass every review, amiin).
  4. And about making a new friends, this was the time. From Jakarta to England, from bachelor degree to master, we have differentiation every single of us. I feel challaged (also suprised) to adapt new environment.

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