Purple for Wedding

7:41 AM

Last saturday, I attended 2 my friend's wedding - Fahmi, my buddies at office, on the evening & Mba Nanay, my besties at White House Kost, on the night. Congratulation to both of you, hope you can build a Sakinah, Mawaddah, Warrahmah family, AMIN.

What did I wear?
Fahmi's Wedding
Purple Satin Muslimah Dress, we need more comfy dress at afternoon wedding. Dress as simply as possible at afternoon wedding party.

Intan, Me, Rani, and Indah

Me, Thesa, and Syela

Mba Nanay's Wedding
Purple Balinese Kebaya. You can adjust by the theme of the wedding. Because Mba Nanay's wedding was hold in Anjungan Jawa Tengah (TMII), so I wore Kebaya.

Ka Meidi, Ka Nia, Ka Rere, and Me

Then, I will attending my cousin's wedding this saturday. So, when I will do the same? Hmm..maybe 3 or 4 years more :P

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