I love you,CCGTP 8

9:44 AM

Thank you Allah for your blessing. I just hold farewell party with my best wonderful smart initiative kind supportive (all best behavior,you name it) family in office. We, as a CCGTP, will be located in Coca-Cola unit operation around Indonesia. Some will be located in Balikpapan, Makassar, Surabaya, Semarang, Bandung, Cibitung, and also at National Office in Pondok Indah. And me? Alhamdulillah I will be located in Pondok Indah and maybe will travel to visit 9 Coca-Cola's plants around Indonesia (I wish,hehehe).

The most important things that I wanna say, I love you so much my dearest friends, I am sure that all of us will pass this program, thank you for being nice to me, thank you for learning, motivating and encouraging in everything. Thank you and forgive me.

Below, some pictures that describe our FUN activities. I'm gonna miss those moment :(

At Leadership Training, my team "Aku Bukan Boneka"

MJ Team

Cowboy Team

ICU Team

I'm proud to be one of you guys. Love you!

*All pictures take from Opit and Coca-Cola GTP 8

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