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10:46 AM

Sorry I had not posted for a week, it was because my wi-fi connection at my home broken. How I miss this blogging activity so much. Do you miss me? I hope you do :P. So, these are some recap of my activities for a couple week.

I successfully won for promoting and selling MY SPARKLE DRINK at a 3rd place. The competition was based on how many costumer which would buy MY SPARKLE DRINK according to brochure that I had given to them (read this for detail). Alhamdulillah.

Dewi & Me, Best Team with strategies to win!

Presents that I got, Thank You Coca-cola

Beside winning Coca-cola marketing program, I also win to became the breakthrough performance presenting my vision in Leadership Training hold by Dale Carnegie Training. They are the best institution trainer that I have ever know. I have learned communication skill, self confidence, people skills, and reduce stress & improve our attitude. Thank you.

Thank You, Dale Carnegie

In the other hand, there was also an appreciation from me to my lovely friends at Coca-Cola Graduate Trainee Program (CCGTP). All of us should make appreciation cards to encourage, appreciate, and credit our friends best behaviour. I designed those card by recommendation of my creative friend, Tiananda, thank you so much :*

Some cards for appreciation

Be true to yourself, be glad you are alive, be willing to learn! We are always thinking about ourselves - there is nothing wrong with that - but let's do it constructively.

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