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3:59 AM

I'm back!
It seems to be a weekly posting, but I promise to post more day to day :)
I got some awards for my lovely blogger, thank you Tia, Luchie, and Aishi for giving me awards.

  • From Tia

1. thank and link the person who gave u the award
Thank you Tia, my super creative-funny-clever-beautiful friend. Also, my ex-boyfriend girlfriend,hehehe :)

2. pass the award to bloggers you recently discovered and think are fantastic
Ghaida, my inspiration to wear skirt and covered scarft
Elsa, kindest person, down to earth, and patient, a criteria of a good housewife :)
Aifa, best illustrations and stylist fashion consultant
Nana, the funny and cute blog, also one of inspiring enterpreneur
Aishi, tips to make jilbab stylist, very helpful
Luchie, best diy project, creative indeeed
who else?? Let me think.. Yes you, who read my blog, thank you to make me better :)

3. contact said blog to let them know they've won the award

4. seven things bout yourself
(1) Purple
(2) Deadliner (I must remove this BAD habit!)
(3) Used to addict with The Upstairs & Goodnight Electric
(4) Lazy to bla bla bla, just straigth to the point
(5) Biggest fans of Dedi Mahendra Desta
(6) Deep attentions in detail
(7) 18-04-1987, Tomorrow is my birthday, yayy!
  • From Luchie
Thank yooou Luchiee, I also give this award for those I've mentioned before.

  • From Aishi
Also, big thank you for you dear :) I also give this award for those I've mentioned before.

And.... the last, I am the lucky one to get a LOVE EARTH shopper bag from Diana Rikasari. Yaaay, I just sent an email about :
“Dear earth,
I promise that I’ll start reducing my use of plastic shopping bags, and use friendly shopper bags instead whenever possible. I will make sure that the LOVE EARTH shopper bag is with me in all trips I make to the malls, markets and shops. And by this, I hope I can inspire others to live green too.”

Let's reduce the usage of plastic bag, Go Green!

picture from Diana's Blog

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