Best Friend's Graduation

6:44 AM

Disha, Dita, and Hanifah-BIG HUG

Happy Graduation for My Industrial Engineering Friends, Laskar April. This graduation was held on April 10th 2010 at Sabuga, ITB. And it was a perfecto graduation, arak-arakan-perang air- no rain- and excellence graduation night. Envy! October Graduation was suck, indeed.

As shown at pictures above, I love those Mechanical Engineering students arak-arakan, so kewl, and handsome :D

I meet my best friends-Sinta, Santi and Boncil. I miss those moments when we did TA together, studied at LSIK, assisted many subject, bought dress at BTC, played futsal, and many things to write.

Graduation night was so awesome, especially performance from 2006 Industrial Engineering Student, the best performance I've ever see.

Welcome to "the real world, my fellas". Face new challenge, friend, environment, and also traffic jam in Jakarta.

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