Deep Breath

6:50 AM

Recently, I used to drop by my office friend, she is a 40 something, her name is Bu Hermien. And today, she told me a valuable advice that I most forget as a human being. I am a kind human that full of ambitions. Yet if I can not reach it then I would blame my self and fight more. But.. one thing that I forget : God, Allah swt, also has plan for us. If Allah think that it is not good for us, then Allah will not granted too, and also the otherwise. Just ikhlas and ridho, she said.

Oh yaa, I got an award from Kristiyana Shinta from chocochic, thank youu :*

I give this award to my beautiful bloggers :
  1. Puput Utami
  2. Aishi Lely from StoryBook
  3. Fitri from Sweet Suit
  4. Luchie from Luchielicious
  5. Tia from Tealovecoffe
As requested by Fika from Sweet Escape, so here I am wearing Neptune Knee Length Dress from Cotton Ink, yes I bought a red one :)

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll go to the beach this Saturday, insya allah ^.^

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