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This is a super late update about Hijab Scarf gathering last week, pardon me girls :)

I felt honoured as a muslimah when I saw all of my sisters in this gathering. In my point of view, muslimahs also can be stylist, just don't be afraid that you'll left behind fashion things when you wear hijab. As you can see at picture below, the initiator of this event : Fifi Alvianto (Hijab Scarf), Ria Miranda (Shabby Chic), Hanna Faridl (Hijab Scarf), also Dian Pelangi (The Merchant Daughter). They looked fashionable over their hijab! You just can wear your maxi dress for feminime looks, or wear pleated pant for chic looks. We have various style in mix & match for hijab, just don't be afraid, Alhamdulillah.
Source photo from Fika Sweet Escape

On this event, finally I can meet my beloved friends such as Ghaida, Fika, Puput, Deasy, Nabilla, the most fabulous designer Irna La Perle (I really love your design, Tante!) and others. I glad to see you all in a real :D and I can't hardly waiting for next meet up. Yay!!
Meet Fika, a kind & fashionable Fika :) (Photo from Fika's Blog)

Meet Neng Ghaida, the inspirational friend; daughter; and wife
Meet Ria & Dian, two beautiful designer :)

What I wore?
This was my office outfit, I kinda fight with Jakarta's traffic jam, So I didn't have time to change my outfit :'( I just changed my shoes.
White Shirt (Hammer), Pleated Pant (Zara), Scarf (promod, tied as ribbon), Tie Dye Vest (ITC Cempaka Mas), Bag (Ciciero), Shoes (Bellagio)

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