Jakarta Fashion Week 10/11 - APPMI

7:31 AM

Salam for everyone! :)

On last Tuesday, I were invited to attend Jakarta Fashion Week 10/11 to see APPMI's fashion show. You can read full review of this fashion show trough :

All of them described the fashion show comprehensively, including beautiful photographs. So, I just want to share you, two video that I took during the fashion show. I've learned how to do video editing just for 2 days, pardon me if the result were bad, an amateur was using camera pocket, hehehe.

song : The Aspirins for My Children - Hollow Out

song : Brazilian Girls - Good Time

Finally, I could meet my hijab friends, subhanallah all of you were beautiful, girls!! ^_^
I felt honoured as a muslimah when I saw all of my sisters using hijab. In my point of view, muslimahs also can be stylish, just don't be afraid that you'll left behind fashion things when you wear hijab.

Me, Puput, Restu, Ka Ina
Me, Irna, Monika Djufri, Ashfi (Fiminin)Me, Febby, Tantri, Riri
Ka Ina, Mba Egin, Me, Jehan, Restu, Tita, and Mba Desy

Dress code : black, we just like Ninja, are we?!

Bibil, Fika, Me
Me and Mba Lulu
Black Long Dress (ITC Cempaka Mas), Leopard Scarf (Pull&Bear), Leopard Pumps (Marie Claire)

Haaaave a great weekend all!

*pictures taken from Mba Egin, Tia, Restu, and Puput, thanks ;)

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