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How was your days, dear bloggers? I made a big decision and I'll tell you later. Kinda sad to share you all now. I wish this decision is the best for me, for my family, and future.

My outfit on last weekend. I was accompanied my mother to hospital, and ALHAMDULILLAH now she is getting well.

What I Wore :
Tie Dye Scarf that I bought at Erlangga, Bali (the blue color is a love shaped), Stripe Blazer from Yellowline (my everlasting mood of pattern is stripe, I do love and collect stripe pattern), Pleated Pant from Zara, Brown Belt from Elizabeth, and Shoes from Bellagio.

The closer look of my hijab style. I adapted this style from Talitha Lubis, Non-Sugarbanana. Guess what the differences between my hijab style and hers? :D

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