Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet the stylist muslimah

This is a super late update about Hijab Scarf gathering last week, pardon me girls :)

I felt honoured as a muslimah when I saw all of my sisters in this gathering. In my point of view, muslimahs also can be stylist, just don't be afraid that you'll left behind fashion things when you wear hijab. As you can see at picture below, the initiator of this event : Fifi Alvianto (Hijab Scarf), Ria Miranda (Shabby Chic), Hanna Faridl (Hijab Scarf), also Dian Pelangi (The Merchant Daughter). They looked fashionable over their hijab! You just can wear your maxi dress for feminime looks, or wear pleated pant for chic looks. We have various style in mix & match for hijab, just don't be afraid, Alhamdulillah.
Source photo from Fika Sweet Escape

On this event, finally I can meet my beloved friends such as Ghaida, Fika, Puput, Deasy, Nabilla, the most fabulous designer Irna La Perle (I really love your design, Tante!) and others. I glad to see you all in a real :D and I can't hardly waiting for next meet up. Yay!!
Meet Fika, a kind & fashionable Fika :) (Photo from Fika's Blog)

Meet Neng Ghaida, the inspirational friend; daughter; and wife
Meet Ria & Dian, two beautiful designer :)

What I wore?
This was my office outfit, I kinda fight with Jakarta's traffic jam, So I didn't have time to change my outfit :'( I just changed my shoes.
White Shirt (Hammer), Pleated Pant (Zara), Scarf (promod, tied as ribbon), Tie Dye Vest (ITC Cempaka Mas), Bag (Ciciero), Shoes (Bellagio)

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Ramadhan is a month that I heart, because this is the month which could tied relationship between me and others. Attending a break fasting where I could met my best friends from junior, high school, college, work mates, even got many new hijabis friends.
Blazer (ITC Mangga Dua), Maxi Dress (Yellowline), Hand Bag (Ripcurl), White Heels (evb) *trying Dian Pelangi's scarf style, is it good on my face? ^_^
Oh yaa, don't forget to purify our wealth by paying ZAKAT. Beside purify our wealth, ZAKAT also purify our heart from greed and selfishness. Insya Allah, amiin.


I love my girls, I am still closed with my junior high school. Maybe because we lived in dormitory, so our relationship still tight until now. Alhamdulillah.

In our religion, we were forbidden to break the silaturahmi. Dan bertaqwalah kepada Allah yang dengan mempergunakan nama-namaNya, kamu saling meminta, dan (peliharalah) hubungan silaturahmi" (An-Nisa 1).

So, have you contact your old friends? :)

Tenri, Nana, and Me

White T-shirt (Zara), Cropped Jacket (ITC Cempaka Mas), White Belt (Elizabeth), Dotted Skirt (Gda's Gallery), Oversized Maaron Bag (Capriasi), White Heels (evb)

Friday, August 27, 2010


This fashion show was held on July 22nd 2010, on Annex Building, Wisma Nusantara, Jakarta. This was my first time heading a fashion show. I saw many fashionistas around me, bless them for brilliant mix of outfit, great! There were 4 young creative designers: Albert Yanuar, Hian Tjen, Imelda Kartini Prasetyo, and Tex Saverio. Their collection were different each other, but I kinda saw some of Alexander McQueen theme which is Dramatic and Extravagant on the show.

Dramatic & Extravagant

Restu, thanks for the invitation :D

What I wore : Berry Neptune Knee Dress (Cotton Ink), Orange Polkadot Shirt (gift from grand ma), Bangles (Hong Kong), Geek Glasses, Black Tight, Flat Shoes (Yongki)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mainland Heritage

According to my previous project, this is the result.. Proudly, I introduce you: MAINLAND HERITAGE. Hijab friendly outfit which is suitable for any occasion. Simple, chic, vintage and girly at the same time.

Di add ya kakak, facebooknya :D

Friday, August 20, 2010

Nude Color

Which one of these outfit that you like most???

1. Mood of Nude

2. Nude for Living

Oh ya, is there anyone will join Breakfasting Dinner with Hijab Scarf?

Quote of the Day

Don't try too hard to follow fashion because fashion is always changing (Alissa)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

HBD Papa!

Happy birthday for my Papa. This year is your retirement period. I hope you will be enjoy your time at home, do sport even more, also ruin small business. I wish you always happy & healthy. Amin Ya Rabb.

We celebrated it at Blue Erawan, Menteng. If you see the building outside, you will see a unique Thailand house. And when I walked in, I felt like I was in Thailand. I think this is the best Thai Restaurant in here. Great taste, cozy place, and the waitresses were friendly, the said "Sawadee" to greet us. The chief also gave a compliment for my mother because she dropped of the dessert.

What a great ambience!

What I wore : A simple dress that I bought at Blossom (FO in Bandung) at 2nd year on my college. I rarely wear it since yesterday. Alhamdulillah, the dress still fits on me, hehehe. Also I added red necklace (given from my Mom), Mustard Inner + Brown Tight, and Brown Wedges (Yongki Komaladi).

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy 65th Independence Day

I would like to say, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY for my beloved INDONESIA. I am wishing all great for Indonesian. No traffic jam, no flood, no corruption, best wishes. I passionately proud on this nation.

With Love,

I Jump with Jumpsuit

Attending Break Fasting with my big family last Sunday. I confused for a while, how a muslimah wear a Jumpsuit?. I have to cover my behind so I wore my Denim shirt and tied with brown belt. Do you have another idea wearing Jumpsuit for muslimah? Share please..

Floral Jumpsuit (Just D'Orange, ITC Cempaka Mas), Denim Shirt (ITC Mangga Dua), Satchel Bag (Zara), Pink Wedges (Stefania Baldo), Floral Pattern (from here)

By the way, floral pattern as usual :D

Friday, August 13, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Stripe on Beach

Assalamualaikum, how was you weekend? Since I had a job from Sunday to Friday, I was thinking that weekend is a precious time to spend with your family and friend, don't you agree?

Grey Racer Tank Dress (Nikicio NN:02), Stripe Tank Top (ITC Cempaka Mas), Stripe Blazer (Yellowline), Anchor Badge (ITC Cempaka Mas), Brown Belt (ITC Cempaka Mas), Black Glasses (from Gogirl June Edition)

I will share you my family's activity in next post, I kinda exhausted today. Jakarta's traffic is getting terrific everyday. It took 2.5 hour from my house to office (usually only 45 minutes). What a day.. Good night everyone :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Deep Breath

Recently, I used to drop by my office friend, she is a 40 something, her name is Bu Hermien. And today, she told me a valuable advice that I most forget as a human being. I am a kind human that full of ambitions. Yet if I can not reach it then I would blame my self and fight more. But.. one thing that I forget : God, Allah swt, also has plan for us. If Allah think that it is not good for us, then Allah will not granted too, and also the otherwise. Just ikhlas and ridho, she said.

Oh yaa, I got an award from Kristiyana Shinta from chocochic, thank youu :*

I give this award to my beautiful bloggers :
  1. Puput Utami
  2. Aishi Lely from StoryBook
  3. Fitri from Sweet Suit
  4. Luchie from Luchielicious
  5. Tia from Tealovecoffe
As requested by Fika from Sweet Escape, so here I am wearing Neptune Knee Length Dress from Cotton Ink, yes I bought a red one :)

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll go to the beach this Saturday, insya allah ^.^