The Circle of Friends

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RestuTalithaPuput, Wulan, and Febby

I recognized Talitha from her blog, Non-sugarbanana, when she made tutorial how to wear pashmina and the tutorial was really simple and easily understand, it was my first time wearing pashmina (see my post here).

I did blog-walking until I came to Puput Utami's Blog. Recently I noticed that she used to be my junior at High School. We started leaving comment, I like the way she mix her casual outfit and she always give her best pose. She gave me an award (see the post here), and guess what? I did left on my last paragraph I wonder we can do some meet up sometime, is it a great idea? :)) " 

A hearted person and very kind person, Febby. She is Puput's best friend, I met her at Urban Kitchen. I felt really comfortable and close immediately with her since we first met. We like to share our story, yes she love to share and discuss everything.

And Restu, a very best friend of mine. What words should describe her? .I spent almost 8 years with her and I learnt many things from her. She challenge her self to choose her passion and she work really hard for it, salute! And We've been developing our Mainland Heritage together, all the best for us.

The point of my post is : how great the power of internet is, especially blogging. We can meet unknown person to be our best friends. And our best friend can be a friend with your best friend, this is a circle of friends. Our silaturahm become tight (I miss you all ^^) and I feel blessed that I can meet new people and get inspired from them, alhamdulillah.


So, when will we held a meet up, dear bloggers? :))

Location : Bamboo Dimsum - All You Can Eat, Kelapa Gading.

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