Shea Rasol - My Amethyst

12:00 AM

Introducing Farah Syahirah Rasol, a muslimah fashion blogger from Malaysia. I sure that you already knew her blog, My Amethyst and love her fashion style. I have been following her blog since 2009. Firstly, I like her blog because her purplish blog template, yaa we have one mutual interest, purple :)) . Secondly, her taste of fashion: the combination of colors, the layered skirt + jeans, stunning shoes, geek glasses :), and her beautiful photographs, just make me can't wait new post from her blog.

Some of her wardorbes that I love:

Picture from Shea's blog

Have a great weekend everyone!! Don't forget to attend Frestival at Parkir Timur Senayan from 19-20 June 2010, see Coca-cola website for detail.

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