Influential Berry, it derived from influential & berry. Just simply because I want my words & pictures influence people, I want to inspire. And for Berry, it cames from berry, mulberry fruit - the shade of purple color. It is said if you surround yourself with purple you'll have peace of mind. I'm kind of person who want to please everyone, I always have positive thinking about people. For me, everyone is insipring in his/her own way.

I go by a name Wulandari, 25 years old. I inherit my father's personality and my mother's physical appearance. I have 2 sweetest brothers who always protect me, anytime, everywhere. 

I'm half entrepreneur and employee and I'm enjoying every minute, second of it. Actually I'm on my way find out, in the search of my passion. 

Oh yaa, I'm part of Hijabers Community. Blessed and grateful sorrounded by talented heartful muslimah. We always try harder to become a better person, in islamic way. We make social movement that wearing a hijab wouldn't impede you doing activity, muslimah also has privilege as a change maker, right? :)

This is it, Influential Berry. I brought for you. Let be inspired! 

Wulandari Sofwan 

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