Fashion Tendance 2011-Intertwine

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Fashion Tendance (FT) is an annual program organized by APPMI since 1993 until now. FT is a fashion show in order to give information about fashion trends in the next year or one year to come.  

Dian Pelangi's theme is Colorscope.  Inspired by Lego, the toy that have bright colors which is mismatch. She used plain ATBM fabric and plain songket with Palembang pattern that has vibrant colors and gradations. Great masterpiece of Dian Pelangi, looove the colors and design so much, don't you agree? 


I met my beautiful hijabers, we promised to wear Jeans + Colorful top on the day before  in order to match with Dian Pelangi's theme. But... I think the one who wear the dress code perfectly only Restu, colorful orange!! ^^ my favorite style goes to Mba Anne who wear geek glasses, best glasses that really match with her face, love it!!

Oh yaaa, I think the next scarf trend will be a scarf that made from a cotton (t-shirt) fabric. It feels light, cold, easy to be modeled at any ways. See Ria Miranda (at the center, wear black maxi dress) and Dian Ayu (number two  from the right side).

Me, Nadya, Mba Egin, Ola, Traya, Tia, Mba Anne, Dian Ayu, Ina, Kara, and Marshanda

Closer look of Marshanda, simple + chic + elegant. Gorgeous!!

What I wore : 
Blue Blazer, vintage collection from 90's. It used to be wear by my auntie when she went to office. Rainbow scarf that actually is a Balinese fabric I bought at Erlangga. Braided belt from ITC Cempaka Mas. Random bangles from ITC Kuningan. Satchel bag from Zara, I always love this bag, the model is so versatile. And Marie Claire shoes.

Anyone will come to Blogger Yard Sale at Mazee fX (Sudirman), 26 November 2010, from 4 - 9 p.m.??? Let's meet up there ^^ 

Note : All photos were taken by Rian Batonk (see his portfolio here). Not allowed to copy without the permission.

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