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Hi, Assalamu'alaikum.

What did you do on Saturday? Exciting? Boring? I wish you had a greaaat saturday!

How about mine? I had an work event at Citraland Mall. We, as graduate trainee, should promote our new booth Citraland Mall. My Sparkle is the name of booth. We sell beverage from Coke product, then mixed it with other ingredients, and the results? Coca-cola Milk Shake, Fanta Milk Shake, Frestea Milk Shake, Green Light,etc (*The taste is delicious and refreshing!, you have to try!). You can find My Sparkle booth at 3rd floor near by lift. The price is cheap, you can buy only Rp.10.000 and we give you Rp.2000 discount from 20-21 Februry 2010.

Go to my fashion things, I do love PATTERN. I always love flowery, stripe, edgy, dot, and ethnic. Every time I wanna buy a dress, I just like pattern dress than a plain dress *I don't know why. Go go go PATTERN :)


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