A Glimpse of Bali (Part 1)

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The day after the Eid, my cousins and I were on holiday to Bali. As usual, we bought plane tickets in advance so it can be cheaper. Vacation must be effective and efficient, it's my motto. :)

Terminal 3 Seokarno Hatta, environmental friendly & modern, one step ahead Indonesia!

Let me introduce my cousins, Mba Vera and Cindy

The first day, Sept. 12, 2010

We should arrive in Bali at 6 pm, but as the flight delayed almost half an hour, so we arrived at 7 pm. Kinda disappointed with that airline. What is the name of the airline?(Hint: low-cost airline). Then we headed to Jimbaran for dinner at Demos Cafe. In my opinion, the price of food in this restaurant is quite expensive (around IDR 650,000 for 8 person), but the taste is super delicious. Must try : barracuda fish. After dinner, we headed to Kuta for a while.

The second day, Sept. 13, 2010
Route : Tanjung Benoa, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Uluwatu

Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa is a perfect place for water sport activities such as parasailing, jetski, banana boat, scuba diving, snorkelling, glassbottom view through boat, visiting Pulau Penyu, and flying fish. We tried all the activities except jetski, scuba diving, and snorkelling. My favorite is FLYING FISH, not scary at all because there will be 1 instructor in the middle accompanied us, and you know what? I still mantained good relationship with the instructor, his name is Dicky, what a kind he is.

Mba Vera and Mas Soleh, queued and waited their turn of Parasailing
Mas Soleh looked like Appeton Weight Gain Advertisement, he such a tiny thin man *Ups :DPosed before Flying Fish. Mas Soleh, Cindy, Bli Prima (Our Driver), Mas Dessa, and Me

At Pulau Penyu, hmm... I shouldn't recommend this place, you just see and touch animal such as snake, eagle, and turtle.
List of price :
  • Parasailing : IDR 75,000/person
  • Banana Boat : IDR 100,000/person
  • Flying Fish : IDR 150,000/person
  • Glassbottom view : IDR 450,000/boat
  • Pulau Penyu : seiklhasnya, donation for the animal
Tips : take a half day to try all activities, don't forget bring spare clothes, and use sunblock.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park

GWK is located in Bukit Unggasan, Jimbaran Bali. This statue is designed and built by I Nyoman Nuarta. GWK is depicting Lord Wisnu riding on the back of the mythical bird Garuda. If construction is finished, this sculpture will become the largest sculpture in the world and beat the Statue of Liberty. Ah.. Don't you love Indonesia? :)

Admission fee to GWK : IDR 25,000

Me & Mba Vera, in front of Wisnu statue
Lovely cousins and auntie :*
Love this pic, fresh, summer breeze :)

Some of performance, free for GWK's visitor


Uluwatu temple is located in the region Pecatu, Badung, Bali. For me, this is the most must see place in Bali, so romantic *I wish come here again with my loved one*. Perfect place to watch sunset. Also there is Kecak Dance performance that extremely wonderful, beautiful,.... speechless. Highly recommended place.

Admission fee : IDR 3,000
Kecak Dance : IDR 70,000

So, what do you thinking of Bali?? I was being spell by this island to come back soon. Oh, how I love Bali..

I will divide this post into many parts, because there are many more places to visit and to share with you guys.
So, wait for the next post ya.

With Love, Wulandari Sofwan

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