Idul Fitri

4:54 AM

This is a very late post about Idul Fitri. But.... there is still a forgiveness even after Idul Fitri, right?


Please forgive me if I did mistakes intentionally or unintentionally. Please forgive me if I left unproper comment through your blog. Please forgive me if I rarely update this blog. Minal aidzin wal faidzin, mohon maaf lahir dan bathin :)

Oh yaaa,don't forget to join Hijab Scarf quizzes. You just take your best shoot at Ied Mubarak or creat best Ied Mubarak greeting. And you will get Prudence neclaces by Miss Marina if you join the shoot. Or Nuna's Koekjes if you join the greeting. I joined the shoot! And you? Have a great day everyone. Time to sleep :)

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