A Glimpse of Bali (Part 2)

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Let us continue the story about unforgettable trip to Bali...

The third day, Sept. 14 2010
Route : Tegalalang, Kintamani, Karangasem


The first route was going to Lake Batur and Mount Batur in Kintamani. It turned out pretty far away from our home in Gatot Subroto, Denpasar to Kintamani (it takes approximately 1 hour). During the trip, we stopped at Tegalalang Village. We can see rice terraces (sengkedan), a great place to stop off because it gives the most amazing views of rice fields. Subhanallah.

Admission fee : free of charge :D

Kintamani - Mount & Lake Batur

Bali's hot air will change dramatically when we reached Kintamani. You just open the window, and you will feel the cool mountain wind slapping your face :D. It felt cool like in Puncak. Arriving at Kintamani, I saw Mount Batur & Lake Batur.

Mount Batur in an active volcano. This mountain is one of the largest and most beautiful in the world. Beside the mountain, there are crescent-shaped lake which occupies the southeastern part which is called Lake Batur. On the shores of Lake Batur, there is Trunyan Village. I was invited there, but refused it. I imagined seeing a grave where his body was place just above the ground, no thanks.

Admission fee : IDR 30,000/car

Kedisan Floating Restaurant
View from Kedisan Floating Restaurant

We had lunch at Kedisan Floating Restaurant at the mouth of Lake Beratan. The scenery and food were extremely awesome. When we were sitting on the dinner table, we could see Mount & Lake Batur as a natural background. Beautiful, indeed. Oh ya, their special menus is all about Mujahir fish. Compare with Demos Cafe at my previous post, this restaurant is cheaper, we spent only IDR 428,000 (for 8 person).

Pura Besakih
Pura Besakih is located on the slope of Mount Agung. Pura Besakih is a complex of temples and becomes the center of activities for all temples in Bali. Below some pictures that I took about the Bali's people doing ceremony at Pura Besakih.

Admission fee : IDR 75,000 / all
Rent scarf : IDR 10,000 / each

At the entrance of the temple, we offered tour guide to accompany a walk in the temple. But, we refused because our driver also has the same knowledge about it. Why should it be a waste of money anyway? Thanks to Bli Padol, our handsome driver :D

The fourth day, Sept. 15 2010
Route : Sarijati Banjar, Bedugul, Tanah Lot

Srijati Banjar

Today, we were invited by our driver, Bli Prima, to attend Ceremony of Cutting Teeth (Upacara Potong Gigi) or Metatah/Mesanggih in Bahasa Bali. This ceremony was hold on his village, Srijati Banjar. Metatah ceremony is one of the most important rituals for each individual who adheres to Balinese Hinduism. This ceremony marks a person enter adulthood. The purpose is to reduce the bad characteristics of the person.

Father, big brother, 2 beautiful younger sister, and Bli Prima

His small happy family : Sawitri, Rio, Bli Prima, missed baby Ivo (sleep at home)

We were very glad to come and be invited to this ceremony. Although this is a closed & family only ceremony, but we were invited, thank you Bli Prima. If you will go to Bali and have not found any driver, I highly recommend Bli Prima. He is a nice, friendly, and knows interesting place in Bali.

Contact him on : 0852-384-77427 or (0361) 8882949. There are various kind of cars and motorcycles, you must reserve in advance. He has a competitive rates, just say my name :D


Bedugul offers the natural beauty of mountains and lakes, just like Batur. Beratan Lake is one of tourist attraction in Bedugul that you shouldn't be missed. The cool weather during the day, make us feel comfortable to enjoy the scenery around lake Beratan. In the middle of the lake, there is Ulun Danu Temple.

Admission fee : IDR 7500 / person

Me and my brother

Tanah Lot

Who does not know Tanah Lot? I think this is the most known tourism site in Bali. There are two temples that situated on a huge rock. One is located in the upper crust and the other located on a cliff similar to the Uluwatu Temple. Pura Tanah Lot is one of the largest sacred temple in Bali.

Tanah Lot is known as the best place to watch sunset in Bali. But unfortunately, the weather was rainy so that we couldn't see sunset. Ahhh.. feeling disappointed and sad.

Admission fee : IDR 8000

The fifth day, Sept. 16 2010
Route : Dreamland

Last day in Bali :( and I hate it. Anyway, we were go to Dreamland. Dreamland beach surrounded by cliffs and fairly large rock around the beach. The location of this beach is within the complex of Pecatu Graha Bali.

Today I planned to tan my skin :D and it works!! :D Although only on the face that become darker, hehehe.

Me and my cousin

So this is it. This is my story traveling to Bali. Do you want to go there? I highly recommend Bali to be you must visit place in Indonesia.

Bye-bye Bali, I'll come back soon. Oh, how I love your nature, culture and people.

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