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Halo dear bloggers, assalamualaikum, I'm back :) I feel sorry for my abandoned blog, I must start updating my blog regularly (finger crossed!). As I promised, after traveling note from Bali, today I share part 2: my traveling note to Semarang and Jogja, with my office colleagues: Rindi Nuraini, Henestri Tiara Putri, Vidia Kusumasari, Nurintan Nauli Sormin, Anggraini Oktavianingrum, Tantiyo Pratama, and Bram Bratanata.

Why do we go?

Actually, we planned to Karimun Jawa, but the boat couldn't make it. So we decided to have Semarang and Jogja Trip.

Day 1: Sam Po Kong - Lawang Sewu - Malioboro - Monumen Tugu

Sam Po Kong (a.k.a Cheng Ho) Temple is the best temple I've ever seen in Indonesia, a must visit place in Semarang. Truly beautiful temple complex which you can see the red wall, red roof, statues, and lion which represent Sam Po Kong epicness on building.

Sam Po Kong's Entrance
Sam Po Kong Temple
Red Roof at Sam Po Kong

Then, we go to Lawang Sewu. The name of Lawang Sewu means thousands doors. You'll learn the history of Semarang and also train in Indonesia. The location is at the center of the city, it's very easy to reach.

Lawang Sewu
We pose at the Thousands Doors
Entrance to Lawang Sewu underground prison, SCARY!

From Semarang, we headed to Jogja. favorite city, my second hometown (my husband is came from Jogja). Yogyakarta is a lovely little city and there is a great deal more to see and wonderful places to explore than just to Prambanan and Borobudur Temple. There are many affordable and delicious places to eat.

We arrived Jogjakarta in the evening.We went to Malioboro Street to enjoy the warmth of this city. Malioboro street is very well known by the street stalls who sell t-shirts, bakpia, handicrafts, gudeg, etc. We decided to enjoy Wedang Ronde, Sate and also visit Mirota Batik (must visit store!).

Monumen Tugu Yogyakarta

Day 2: Goa Pindul, Pantai Indrayanti

Feel the thrilled ambiance when you explore the river and cave using tube at Goa Pindul. No special preparation is required to do cave tubing in Pindul. It just need tube and life vest and both are provided by the organizer.This activity is safe for everyone, from children to adults because the current is very quiet. The best time for cave tubing in Pindul is in the morning, around 09.00 am or 10.00 am.

Bram, Aini, Anggi, Intan, Vidia, Putri, Tiyo, and Me were ready to cave tubing!
Group hi-five before cave tubing
Ready for exploring Pindul Cave

Still around Gunung Kidul area, we went to Indrayanti Beach. Beautiful white sandy beach. The view of this beach was great. It's part of the colossal beaches on the shoreline of Yogyakarta. When we were there, there were too many family were picnicking at there. Too noisy for my liking but worth a visit.

We just relaxed sitting under umbrellas. On the Indrayanti Beach, there are a lot of locals who rents umbrellas and mats so that we could enjoy the white sandy beach without worrying to be exposed by the sun.

Indrayanti Beach

Me and Intan

Relaxing on the white sandy Indrayanti Beach

 Day 3: Lava Tour at Merapi, Ullen Sentalu Museum

The best day, two highlight places from our trip: Lava Tour at Merapi and Ullen Sentalu Museum. Both places are must to visit when you go to Yogyakarta.

Vidia, Mbak Putri, Intan, Anggi, and Me

Museum Ullen Sentalu is awarded as the best museum in Indonesia. Beautiful place, well maintenance, kind and informative tour guide. If you want to learn Javanese heritage, especially Yogyakarta, this place is your number one top lists.

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