Wedding Review: Attire & Make Up

9:08 AM

Beskap for akad: Sanggar Rias Putri
Beskap for reception: Des Iskandar

Kebaya & Dress : Norma Hauri
Siger & Batik: Sanggar Rias Putri
Hijab & Headpice Style: Tuti
Make Up: Allysa Hawadi
Head piece: Ciss Bride

I was so impressed by Allysa's ability to do my make up in a way that still looked natural and still looked like me, but also allowed me to standout in pictures. She did a great job working with any feedback I had for her. I would totally recommend her to anyone :)

Mbak Tuti for Hijab & Headpiece Style was also very helpful. I also recommend her if you want a simple hijab style. Email me if you want her number.

Kebaya & Dress by the one and only Mbak Norma Hauri. I chose her since day 1 I had planned the wedding, before other vendors. She listened my mood for the dress, I want something simple, nude color, and some embellishments. Viola, she made successfully what I though. 

And the last, headpiece by Ciss Bride. The lovely Mbak Hamidiya. I was very happy know your design and satisfied with the result. Thank you Mbak :)

*PS: if you want to rent my wedding dress, kebaya, or headpiece, you can simply drop your email to I'll give you affordable price :)

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