Employer Of Choice

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Definition :

Background of the issue :

Today's workers have choices, economists ensure that there will be abundance of employment opportunities. In this huge market, workers will make clear decisions about where they will work, why, and for how long. So, what influences make workers choose their employer, especially at PT CCBI?

Solution :

PT CCBI should focus on how people are treated at work :
  1. PT CCBI must open communication at all levels, from Helper to Director. We have to build communication that could stimulates innovation and increase effectiveness, so our vision can be achieve.
  2. We have to care for people. Every employee must appreciate each other and show that everyone is valued and contributed to company success.
  3. Coaching and developing is a must. Leader should coach and develop his employees so that their unique and potential could build organizational success.
  4. Honesty and fairness between employee and employer. If honesty and fairness are given between them, employee do their job perfectly and say, stay, strive with PT CCBI.
Action :

NOW! What are you waiting for! We have to be Employer Of Choice immediately.

*ps : this is one of my assignments during training. We should present this using visual aid that we make by our self. Sounds interesting, ya?

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