Family Time (AGAIN)

3:05 AM

I just had a wonderful 2 days with my big family. This occasion was held for celebrating Sophi's birthday and spending our long weekend together. Sophi is one of my 22 cousins from my mother side. Alhamdulillah for giving such a huge and wonderful family.

Poencoer Villa, Puncak

What did we do?
We do love SWIMMING :D

Jasmine, my cutest cousin

Hakim, so fussy but genius indeed

Aisyah & Nabila, they are so competitive in school, same class, seat mates

Asma, the calm and sensitive one, adorable :)

Afia, she can immitate MJ dance, she love singing, dancing, etc, soo cute!

Jaka, my lovable cousin, we always together since we were born, you always being nice,Bro!

Jaka & Me

We do love playing trampolin!

Sophi the birthday girl, the orange one, she doesn't like being captured even with her daddy

huaa.. There were no trampolin when I was child, or I doesn't know?hehe

We do love eating!
We went to Cimory Resto in the night and in the day. We love the foods and drinks in there, especially the fresh coffee milk, yummy!

Chicken Maryland with Orange Sauce

Iga Bakar. Very delicious, trust me!

Some of my aunties and my lovely Grand Ma

The view in Cimory Resto Puncak, just like the view at prestigous resto in Dago Pakar

We also love capturing!

Me & Sasa, my best mates in every friday night, go go go SWIMMING!

Some of my little, cute cousins, I am the oldest among them, -.-

Jaka & Raihana, the baby in pink, she love drinking Pulpy Orange,hihihi

What I wore? Just pattern dress as always, I preferred dot and flowery for this occasion.

I'm sorry if there are many pictures, I just love capturing and still learning photography. So, enjoy it!

Welcoming tomorrow for a new spirit to work, gonna sleep.
Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bad bug bites! ^-^

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