Hong Kong

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Continue from last post. After I had visited to Thailand for 4 days, I went to Hong Kong. Too bad, there was typhoon and tropical storm so that it was rainy every day, and our flight was delayed. *fyi, typhoon season runs from May to late September.

What thing did I like most in Hong Kong? Absolutely their transportation, MTR (Mass Transit Railway). MTR is fast, clean, efficient, and inexpensive. It is so different with railway condition in Indonesia, hmm (I'm sure that you agree with me). I felt secured, comfortable dan I felt easy to reach one place in different island.

MTR symbol

MTR Map, grab from here

Place for buying ticket, no person but machine, grab from here

Here some photos that I captured, enjooy!

The view from my hotel, building every where in HK

View from trem, we was heading to Hong Kong Peak

At Maddam Tussaud Museum, becoming King of England :D

Bye MJ, we used to be close friend before he passed away

Hei Einstein focus! I will explain you the formula of energy

The Highest Place in HK, when bad weather came


Mongkok Ladies Market

I wish I can travel again to Hong Kong, there are so many place I hadn't visited, amiiiin :D

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