Meet Up with Him :)

7:32 AM

I meet my bf today, so happy! Why? because we have not seen each other since December 2009. We have long distance relationship, he is taking master in ITB majoring Industrial Engineering, and me? I am working as a Management Trainee in Coca-cola. We have our own business, many things to do, so never meet since December.

We went to Pacific Place in order to watch 3 Idiots, which is very inspiring, funny, touchy, motivating, and self evaluating Hindi movie. I think this is the best movie in 2010. But before that, we did lunch at Pancious. Love Pancake and pasta :)

I'm starving!

Fresh Fruit Ice Tea Cocktail

Caramelized Banana Pancake

Penne Smoke Beef (Highly recommended)

I'm full! Alhamdulillah

After we had eaten at Pancious, we watched 3 Idiots. Like I said before, this is an amazing movie, we could get much learning from it. This is a must watch movie! Then, we went to Art Exhibition, just seeing and developing my skill in photography indeed.

What I wore today?

Happy long weekend guys.. Tomorrow I wanna go to Puncak, family time mode on. See you :)

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